Safa Real Estate is a real estate agency representing clients in the purchase and sale of luxury and investment residential properties in the Los Angeles area. Attorney and real estate broker Tom Safa personally oversees all the firm’s transactions and does not leave any important task to transactions coordinators or assistants. Among the transactions we handle include residential real estate purchases, sales, and leases in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or an experienced developer, Safa Real Estate has the legal knowledge and experience necessary to navigate any residential real estate transaction.

In all real estate sale transactions, clients receive a complete explanation of every real estate document and procedure, especially the Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS) and the Seller Property Questionnaire (SPQ), arguably two of the most important documents in any sale or purchase. During the escrow process, clients receive the best advice on how to investigate the property for a purchase or handle required disclosures for a sale. You can expect direct communication with Mr. Safa throughout the entire process. Clients benefit from his experience as an real estate attorney, investor, and consultant, making the closing of any transaction consistent and predictable.

Unlike the majority of brokers and agents, Tom’s expertise in purchase contract law as well as landlord-tenant law allows him to carefully review each transaction to spot potential issues before they become problems. Tom’s clients receive the services of a real estate broker with years of legal experience above and beyond what they could find at other agencies. Contact Tom today for a free consultation.