Meet Tom

Tom Safa is a real estate investor, broker, and attorney. Tom began his real estate career investing in single-family homes throughout Los Angeles and has leveraged his 13 years of experience in real estate investing to consult and represent his clients in residential Pasadena real estate transactions.

Knowing that he would start a business in the future, Tom earned his undergraduate business degree focusing in finance and business law. To further his knowledge on how to run a new business, he pursued an MBA with a focus on management. Realizing that any entrepreneur will undoubtedly face legal issues when starting or managing their business, Tom attended law school where he focused his studies on contract and property law. After passing the California Bar Exam, Tom formed a law practice where he currently advises landlords and prospective real estate investors on landlord-tenant law, real estate purchase and sale contracts, and contract drafting.

Simultaneously, Tom began representing his clients in the purchase and sale of residential real estate as broker through Safa Real Estate. In 2015, the California Association of Realtors awarded Tom the Property Management Certification, a specialized designation earned by completing a series of classes that offers detailed instruction designed to help real estate professionals better manage rental properties for individual owners and investors.

Although an active attorney, Tom focuses his practice on representing clients in purchase and sale transactions of residential real estate, specializing in investment properties throughout the Pasadena area. As a real estate broker, investor, and attorney, Tom Safa knows Pasadena real estate and responsibilities associated with property ownership in California.